10 Amazing Facts about Moon – You Must Know These Facts

Moon, Earth’s only natural setelite is extremely important for earth and its the only place where human reached outside the earth. But humans are still studying Moon, India will launch Chandrayaan 2 to study Moon. This shows that we still don’t know everything about our only natural setelite but we know many things too, we’ve written 10 Must Known Facts about Moon. 

1. Moon is not completely round shaped but egg-shaped.

You must be reading this first time and thinking like “Thats fake”, well according to NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter website, Moon Is Egg-shaped. 

2. The first vehicle which traveled moon was Lunokhod 1 which was by Soviet union.

It was the one of the biggest success for Soviet Union. It was launched at 10 Nov 1970. 

3. A footprint of an astronaut can last for millions of years. 

Yes, footprints of apollo astronauts still exists and it will last for many more years because there is no atmosphere so there is no erosion by wind or water. 

4. According to astronaut Jack Schmitt, Moon smells like gunpowder.

Apollo’s astronaut Jack Schmitt said that Moon’s smell is similar to gunpowder. 

5. It takes 27.3 days to complete a Earth’s orbit for Moon.

Nearly a month, this much time it takes to complete Earth’s orbit. 

6. Just like EarthQuakes, Moon To Suffers Sometimes Quakes, Which Is Called MoonQuakes.

MoonQuakes was first discovered by apollo astronauts. The MoonQuakes are weaker than EarthQuakes but MoonQuakes can last for a hour due to the lack of water to dampen seismic vibrations.

7. Moon is drifting away from Earth at a speed of 3.8 centimeters per year.

Yes, that true but we don’t need to worry about that because centimetres are very very small distance front of space. It won’t affect us till millions of years. 

8. The Moon is bigger than the ex planet pluto.

There are few claims that ex planet pluto is snaller than a country Russia too. Our moon is much more bigger than we usually think.

9. There is nothing called dark side of Moon.

Because we can see only one side from Earth, some people considered second of Moon as dark side which is false. The other side of moon is called “Far side” which was seen in 1968 during apollo 8. 

10. There is no sound on Moon. 

This is because of not having an atmosphere, sound need air to travel. Moon don’t have air so sound can’t travel anywhere.

So, how many facts you already knew? None? And what are you thought on related to this post ?

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