10 Best Video Editing Apps For Android – Very Useful For Mobile Youtubers

After starting a new Youtube channel, the second thing you need is editing software and editing skills. The first thing you need is talent.

However, Editing videos was limited to Laptop and PCs before but now its not. Now editing videos with android phone became possible and this time is awesome to make and edit video because YouTube’s popularity is going high day by day in India because of Jio’s effect. There are absolutely too many channels on YouTube but not sooo many front of large India public. So there is a market space in YouTube and telented people won’t loss this change to grab. 

There few editing apps which will help you to edit video just with your Android phone. We have made up a list of 10 best apps, you can pick one and start editing. Scroll down to check out list. 

1. Kinemaster

Price : Free/ 4.99$ For Pro Per Month

Watermark : Yes (In Free Version)

Honestly, I use this app for for editing videos. It have almost all the features which video editer app needs. You can do nealy all things what you want to do like combining two or more videos, add images (overlay or normal), add background audios and most importantly, it have chroma key for green screen lovers. This app also have animation feature which is the best feature of this video editor. The best thing of this app is, editing is very easy and this app’s features are easy to understand too. 

Play Store Link

2. ActionDirector Video Editor

Price : Free/3.99$ For Pro Per Month

Watermark : Yes (In Free Version)

You may already heard about this app if you are PC user. This app also available for android app and it does the basics things like importing clips, adding effects, background audio, cut/trim video, adding texts and employing slow motion etc but the best feature is that it supports 4k videos which many other app can’t. 

Play Store Link

3. Adobe Premieler Clip

Price : Free

Watermark : No

Adobe is definitely a big name and the great thing of this video editor is, it have ability to auto-generate videos with your images or videos if your lazy to edit manually. Editing manually is quite difficult according to its users. Manual edit contains basic features of video editing. 

Play Store Link

4. FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor

Price : Free/ 7.99$ For Pro Per Month

Watermark : Yes, A Small Clip At The End Of Video.

FilmoraGo video editor is quite easy and handy to edit videos and it does the basics but it have few useful features like reversing video, square cutting videos (1:1) which is best for Instagram. Slow motion, translation, music, overlapping are basic features of video editor. 

Play Store Link

5. Funimate Video Effects Editor 

Price : Free with few In-App Purchase

Watermark : Yes.

Funimate just have 15 video effects and all this app does is adds those effects wherever you touch on screen. This video editor is very popular in teenage users. With very limited features, this app got 5 million downloads from Play Store. And thats the reason this app in the list.

Play Store Link

6. Movie Maker Filmmaker

Price : Free

Watermark : Yes

This app one of the video editor currently available on Play Store. This app contains all the basic features what video editor needs and additionally this app have some attractive filters. Use can also make a custom filter. But notic that, what video you will make, will be uploaded on their community. You need to delete from there if thats your private video. 

Play Store Link

7. Quik

Price : Free

Watermark : Yes, As Outro.

Quik is one of the best free videos editor without have any pro version or In-App Purchase. You can do almost what a new youtuber wants to do and the best thing is, the editing in this app is simple and easy understand features. 

Play Store Link

8. VivaVideo

Price: Free/3.99$

Watermark : Yes. 

VivaVideo is a popular app in social media and used for making stories with pictures and short video clips. This app can contains all the basic features like trimming, adding effects, background audio etc. You can remove Watermark by buying Pro pack. This is a good video editor but not so recommended for youtubers.

Play Store Link

9. PowerDirector

Price: Free / 5.99$ For Pro.

Watermark: Yes.

PowerDirector is also one of the best video editor having tons of features like quick editing, various effects and collage makers. However, you need to take out some money from your pocket to buy and unlock all features. 

Play Store Link

10. Free Video Editor

Price: Free

Watermark: No. 
The worst name have this app, app developer have concentrated on search engines. However, this app can do all the basic things but this app is not powerfull as others of this list. And this is not recommended for youtubers. 

Play Store Link

So, these were the best 10 video editor app, pick one which you like and start editing.
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