10 Funny Whatsapp Conversations That Will Make You Go ROLF

Whatsapp is definitely Most used massaging app in India and still growing. There are many users who don’t keep many popular apps including Facebook and UC browser but keep Whatsapp in their phones because of its functions of chatting and grouping. Whatsapp have very useful emoji to explain feelings which is another reason of its popularity.

Whatsapp is 7 year old but the milestone whatsapp has reached is too far for any other massaging app. Whatsapp is very common as having android phone. Before we were used to send sms or call directly to whom we want talk but whatsapp has changed every thing and it made connectivity with people to people faster because of user identity function which uses mobile number as identify. Because of that, connecting become much easier and faster.

Because Whatsapp is used by nearly every android phone’s holder, millions of feelings and emotions being shared every day. But some conversations gets funnier, some of them get shared in social media while some are still hidden in their phones.

Whatsapp is 7 year old but the milestone whatsapp has reached is too far for any other massaging app.

Today we will show 10 funny Whatsapp conversation that will make you go ROLF.


No one can motivate better way than this! Only best friend can motivate with using these kind of future threats and examples.

Thank God!! She is not my girlfriend else I would take this as joke. Everyone should now common things, not just about saas-bahu serials. BTW, the boy trolled this girl well >_<

Type dude type, you are in trouble >_< next time be careful while flirt unknown peoples


So romantic girl!! Dear God, I want just this much romantic girlfriend  <3. Lets come to the point, boy is too rude and girl is so romantic… oh God…

Ok I won’t talk about more about this girl <3, let move next


Boys always want a chance to say something like this. I would be bingo if she accepted.


Ye duniyaaaaaaaa.. ye duniyaaaaaaaa pitaldi… only best friends can talk like this


Okey! Saying anything againt friend’s girlfriend will make you alcoholic?  Then I’m bigger one :p


Why ? Why man why ? Whe do indian Moms need to know everything from their kids ? It makes kid frustrated.. but this kid manged well.


Uffff, Indian moms !!


All words aren’t as they pronounced, do read else anyone can troll you and remember for whole life.

So, this must made you laugh. If there is something I missed or you want to add something than comment.

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