10 Mistakes of India First Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the first prime minister of India after the independence and he was lawyer.

When you’re reading about his top 10 mistakes, it doesn’t mean he didn’t did anything good for India.

His commitment to democracy and secularism has helped India remain a modern secular democracy and did not get pulled in by communal forces generated by some, who neither believed in democracy not secularism.
But he wasn’t a God, he was man and “Galti toh Insaan Se Hi Hoti Hai”. In this article we will be flashing lights on the mistakes of Chacha Nehru.

1. Withdrawing Army From 1948 War

Just after a year of portion, pakistan attacked kashmir to occupy which was Independent. The king of kashmir immediately signed a document of annexation with India, And India Sends its troops to kashmir, when Pakistan was 4km from shrinagar. The Indian army was at winning situation but Nehru withdraws the army. Just because of this, PoK exits else we would have whole kashmir.

2. No Importance To Military.

They was believing that militaries are of no use and only takes up financial resources. Because of that, they discouraged most of military deals and defense production.

3. Discouraging diplomatic relations with

At that time, India was the only Non-Muslim country which didn’t had any diplomatic relations with Israel. India did not partitioning of Palestine plan of 1947 and voted against Israel’s admission in the United Nations in 1949.
But still Israel became a country and forgot that past and helped us in 1999 kargil war. Its well accepted fact that we won war because of Israel.

4. Giving Up UN Permanent Seat To China

India was asked to become permanent member not once, not twice but thrice. Nehru everytime discouraged that and gave preference to China for the seat. Today we all know China is major hinderance for all bills proposed by India in UN, and we are paying a heavy price to Russia when they use veto for us.

5. Signing Indus Water Treaty 

With this Treaty, we are hell bound to give 80% of Indus Water to Pakistan. Here our own states are fighting for water among themselves and we are forced to give 4–5th of water to Pakistan. Obviously there should be a treaty, but 80% is way too much.

6 Allowing China to annex Tibet

Tibet was an Independent contry. When China was annexing by with arguing thst tibet was a part of china,Nehru could oppose but he didn’t. After that they occupied Aksai Chin with same argument

7. Hindi Chini Bhai-Bhai

While China was preparing war, Nehru was busy in giving slogans at International Forums. Sardar Patel had tried to warned Nehru by writing later that they don’t count India as friend but Nehru had faith in China.

8. Not Allowing Air-Force To Participate 1962 War 

Nehru totally discouraged defense purchase and production, India was left with third grade weaponary. China attacked India. Only hope of India, the Indian Air Force, was asked not to participate in war. Due to which, we lost the already lost war easily, lost more land and there were many more casualities due to this reason.

9. Not Alligning With Anyone 

US and USSR both recognised importance of India but Nehru didn’t. Nehru refused both and establised India as a ‘Third World Country’. Due to which, we were neither supported by US, nor by USSR when China was messing with us. It was after 1962, he started alligning with USSR group.

10. Adding Article 370 In Constitution 

Article 370 Of India Constitution is the reason of kashmir problem. Its too much sophisticated this post will be more than thousand words and we dont want to boar you but if I say in sort lines,

• No one is abel to buy property in kashmir until he or she is born in kashmir.

• if a kashmiri girl marries Indian guy, she will loss kashmir citizenship but if marries Pakistani guy, the guy will get Indian citizenship. Against India ? Yes it is !!

• Disrespecting Indian flag is not crime in kashmir while its a crime in rest of contry.

• The Indian Government does not have the power to declare Financial Emergency in the state. In fact, emergency can only be declared in Jammu and Kashmir on grounds of internal disturbance and instances of danger from a foreign enemy.

• The Central Government needs approval from the State Government of Jammu and Kashmir on all matters of law apart from defense, Finance and Communication and Foreign Affairs.

These are just few points. For more read on Wikipedia.

So These were the 10 mistakes which can’t be ignored because it affected India alot.

Write down your views on this.

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