10 Most Dangerous Countries In The World That You Shouldn’t Even Think To Visit

The world is being dangerous day by day because of terrorism. Not every country is dangerous and not every country is peaceful.

Lets throw lights on world’s most dangerous countries according to Global Peace Index (GPI) report from Institute for Economics and Peace

1. Syria

According to Global Peace Index, Syria is the most dangerous country in the world and its because of big roots of ISSI. The war between ISSI and and army is the reason that Syria is not place to live till the war because any bomb can come from sky from anywhere.

2. Afghanistan

Any traveller is not safe in Afghanistan, he/she can be kidnapped anytime. Criminal activitiesand terrorist organisation like Taliban is the major reason in Afghanistan’s

3. Iraq

Saddam Hussein is may gone but the security situation for civilans is same as before, the terrorist group keeps placing bombs in markets and beside of roads. Ironically, foreign armies made Iraq more dangerous that before. Foreigners in this country is unsafe for every second.

4. South Sudan 

Crime is so common in South Sudan. The religion based terrorism is so violent that any one ca be trapped in crossfire.

5. Yemen

The existence of Al Qaeda in Yemen is considered as the home of Bin Laden’s most loyal supporters. This big terrorist organisation keeps the country unstable.

6. Somalia 

Somalia is a unstable country and the whole country has become a home for warlords, kidnappers, islamic insurgents and young angry people. Somalia also is suffering from drought, war, famine and high food prices. A tourist should never visit this country.

7. Pakistan 

Pakistan also is unstable country and it have many terrorist organisation like Taliban, Jama’at-ud-Da’wah, Lashkar-e-Taiba and many other organisations. Pakistan is known as heaven for terrorist. Hundreds of civilans of Pakistan is being killed in bombing incidents by terrorists and this kind of bombing incidents happens in intervals of times. Citys of may safer than rural areas but rural areas is just opposite of it,its too dangerous to be there.

8. Central African Republic

Once, this country had beautiful nature and wildlife but war killed it. Now Central African have the worst land to farm and the farmers don’t have new farming techniques. Also, the crime rate is too high here.

9. Guinea

Guinea is know for very active criminal gangs and the existence of police is almost zero. This area is also suffering from overwhelming AIDS. And the people live in poverty.

10. Ukraine

The fight between Ukraine armed forces and Russian-backed armed forces separatists is common in Ukraine. But the civilans is being killed in these incidents and thats makes this country unstable.
So these were the 10 unsafe countries to travelle. I hope you will be carefull while picking the country to visit. Write your views in words in comment box.

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