10 Too Hot Bollywood Movies That We Can’t Watch With Family, Sex Scenes of These Movies Are Beating Hollywood.

When it comes sex scenes in movies, Hollywood far advanced and careless than Bollywood. But sometimes some movie comes up with so sexy scenes that we could compare those movies which Hollywood movies.

Accully, The censor board of Indian film industries far more stricter that Hollywood censor board. Sometimes, The censor board goes stricter on any particular film more less reasons and ask too cut too much scenes. Recently, censor board asked to cut 94 scenes! The question comes up than much long the movie will be after cutting 94 scenes? However, the whole team went to court and challenged the discussion of board and later they won.
Today we will talk about 10 Hottest Bollywood Movies That You Can’t Watch With Family (new movies). Lets check the list out


1. B. A. PASS

B.A pass was a low budget film but earned 2.5x profit. Scenes of this movie were so seductive that this movie is on top in our list

2. Mastram

Mastram was released in 2014 and it couldn’t earn profit and faced loss. In short words, movie was flop but sex scenes were so seductive.

3. Nasha

Nasha was the first movie of Poonam Pandey and she shown her body as much she could.

4. Jism 2

Its need less to say that this was the first movie of Sunny Leone and this movie decently changed her life.

5. Murder

Nobody can forget this movie because of that bikini controversy. Imaran hashmi surly shown his kissing talent in the movie

6. Sins

This movie was on affair of priest and young woman. This movie had controversial topless scenes.

7. Bandit Queen

This movie was a biographical movie based on Phoolam Devi’s life. Bandit, the character fases physical abuses. The movie was released in 1994 and was too bold in that time.

8. Aastha

Rekha had very controversial role in this movie, a merrid woman turns into a prostitute. The movie was enough seductive in the its time, 1997. Even movie poster can grow wishes insides us to watch this movie.

9. Matrubhoomi

A 93 min movie in which movie makers tried to show the gender inequality and male gender attitudes in society. However, this movie had seductive scenes and those were enough seductive to get in our list.

10. Tarzan (1985)

This movie was released 1985 and it had many seductive scenes between actresse and actor.
Hottest movie list doesn’t end here but these were the top 10 hottest movie. Watch these movies with your friends 😉

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