10 Unknown Facts About India – Don’t Be One Of Many Who Don’t Know These ! 

As an Indian, we know almost every thing about our country but there are still some shocking facts which aren’t well known. You must have read and listened facts related yo Indian and may be of other countries but we wrote some rarely known facts that you may be hearing first time.

1. India’s first rocket was transported on a cycle.

Yes, you hear it right! The date was 21 Nov 1963 when India ISRO launched its first rocket from Thumba Equatorial Launching Station. Because there was no transport services, the rocket was transported on a cycle to lift-off.

2. The largest number of vegetarians.

Yes, as of UN FAO statistics, India has the lowest rate on meat consultation.

In 2006, Hindu-CNN-IBN State of the Nation Survey done a survey. And got results that 31% of Indians are vegetarians, while another 9% consumes eggs. Left 60% are non-vegetarians.

But the 31% in second most populous country is very high percentage.

3. India is the first country where Diamond were mined.

Mining of diamonds was started in India 4000-5000 years ago in ‘Golconda’. Golconda was a specific geographic area within the historic Golconda Sultanate (present day Telengana and Andhra Pradesh states of India).

Mined diamonds were being transported to Golconda Fort market to be cut, polished, evaluated and sold. Golconda established itself as a diamond trading center and, until the end of the 19th century.
4. Switzerland Declared 26 May As Science Day In The Honor Of APJ Abdul Kalam

Former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam visited Singapore in 26 May 2005 and Abdul Kalam was the first Indian head state to visit after a gap of more than 30 years.

The swiss government considered Abdul Kalam as father of India’s missile programme.

Considering APJ Abdul Kalam’s vast expertise in science and technology, the swiss government declared as ‘Science Day’.

Some people have doubts about this and there few claims on this is ‘Fake event’ or some kind of Misunderstandings. Those who have doubts can read this. (Official website of European union’s Nuclear research organisation).

5. A special polling station was set for just one voter.

A priest named Bharatdas lives alone in banej village which is deep inside Gir forest which is considered as Aisiantic Lion’s home.

Whenever there are elections in Gujarat, the district government sets up a special polling booth, with a full staff of five, just for Mr. Bharatdas.

6. World’s longest named station is Indian.

Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta or Venkatanarasimha Rajuvaripet is a railway station which is located in Andra Pradesh on the border with Tamil Nadu. The name of this station makes it noticeable.

7. The first country who discovered and consumed sugar was India.

The extraction of suger cane juice was from suger cane plant started in India around 8,000 B.C. ago. Other countries came to know about sugar when Persia invaded India and they found, ‘the reed which give honey without bees’.

8. Hockey player Dhyaan Chand was offered German citizenship but rejected.

Major Dhyaan Chand was serving Indian Army and known as wizard of hockey because of his performance in hockey.

It was 1936 when Berlin Olympics were arranged and India had performing players which was Ali Dara, Ahmad Khan and Dhyaan Chand.

India won that series and because of Dhyaan Chand’s best performance. India beaten Germany in the final and Adolf Hitler was watching match but left in halfway because Germany was loosing the game. India won with 8-1 score in which Dhyaan Chand scored 3 goals.

After match, Hitler met with Dhyaan Chand and offered German citizenship but Dhyaan Chand rejected that offer.

9. Second largest English speaking country is India.

The largest english speaking country is obviously United States but India rank on 2nd spot in this. Well, 10% population India which is too high. Have doubts ? Check out on Wikipedia.

10. There is a floating post office in India

Well, thats a well known facts that India has the largest number of post office in the world. But every knew that there is a floating post office in India ?

The post office is located in Srinagar’s Dal lake, Jammu-Kashmir.

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