10 YouTube Channels Which You Must Subscribe if you haven’t

If yoy temember youtube two years ago, you won’t find so many videos and content creators for hindi viewers but things has changed and youtube if flooded by Indian content creators. Stil, there’s a huge market space in YouTube which an content creators can see only. However, many youtube channel have great contents which are worth watching. So today we made up list of best youtube channels which posts great contents in hindi but still aren’t so popular as Bhuvam Bam and Ajay Nagar.

Best 10 Undiscovered YouTube Channels Which Posts Hindi Contents


1. Gyan Jara Hatke

The channel ran by Saurabh Maheshwari who is software engineer by profession but he have great knowledge and interest in geopolitical issues. The way he explains the international conflicts is just different from all other youtubers. May be thats why he named it Gyanjarahatke. 

Category: International Issues & geopolitics

2. Vigyaan Tv India

A deep science youtube channel where people can learn complicated outer space & quantum physical science. 

A good script, perfect editing & suitable voice are the things which needs for a perfect content and thankfully, Vigyaan TV India delivers it best. 

Category: Deep Science

3. Dekho Isko

Dekho Isko, quite unique name right? Well the channel is quite old and he reloaded his channel after he started face cam videos. Before he was making videos with his voice in background. 

His old videos are delete or he made them private but his new videos which he uploaded recent months have good content qualities. Usually, he makes videos on conspiracy theories but nowadays he started Amazing Random Fact’s series which is intresting & recommend series to watch. 

 Category: Conspiracy Theories & Facts

4. SuperSuper

As the channel’s name, its contents qualities are also twice super! The channel have 2 boys team in which Aman Sinha comes front of camera. 

The channel is all about marvel movies but the way tell details of teasers and trailers of movies, is undoubtedly awesome. 

Category: Marvel movies

5. Rakhtvani

Love hindi rap songs? This is the best channel for you. You will find some quality rap songs which can beat big names like Badshah and Raftaar. His recent songs paisa-paisa and binnes were mine favourite. You might like his all the songs. 

Sadly, this talented guy didn’t had numerous subscribers which he deserves. 

Category: Songs

6. Palat Tera Dhayan Kidhar Hai

You might already know him if you’re interested in Bollywood movie’s topics. When he started youtube channel, he mainly covering copied songs by Bollywood Movies but as soon as he got numbers subscribers, he tried to make video on something different in which he made some comedy videos and a two-video series of Bhai ke sath charcha but later he started making list-based videos and movie reviews. The best thing of this channel host’s is that he knows much about movie, and he tells everything very detailed. 

Category: Bollywood Movie Reviews, Toplists

7. Office PeeingHuman

I bet! You will not abel yo stop your laughter while watching the video. He mostly target politicians and edit in a way that it makes us laugh with tears while watch the video.  You need to watch any one video of him to become this channel’s fan. 

Category: Entertainment

8. Intresting Top 10s In Hindi

Unlike the channel’s name, the creator of this channel usually make videos on various scenario but true me, you won’t be disappointed after watching the videos. 

Category: Scenario Based Videos

9. Slayy Point

Slayy Point, a team of one boy and one girl makes videos on the stupid youtubers and troll them. They usually selete stupid videos and troll the youtubers for their stupidly but unlike other roasting channel’s, you won’t hear any abusive word there. Slayy Point have 3 lakh subscribers and growing.  

Category: Helthy Roasting

10. Review Master Vikrant

Have intrest in space and defense sector? This guy brings daily news on Indian defense and space sector. Here you will find everything detailed information in hindi so this channel is heaven for you if you intrest in space and defense. 

Category: Space & Defense

These were some extra ordinary channels which aren’t popular what they deserves. We will be happy to see these channels growing.

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