12 Drawing Which Were Drawn Which Pencil And Random Objects’ Shadows By Vincent Bal

Vincent Bal is a Belgian filmmaker and artist. He has made four feature films (Konw More About Films) and several shorts. While he was working on a new script in May 2016, he suddenly noticed how the shadow of a teacup on his desk looked like a little elephant. 
He completed the image with a few lines, took a picture and shared it on instagram. The reactions were so positive that he challenged himself to make one of these ‘shadow doodles’ every day. He hasn’t stopped since.

He is still drawing with random object’s shadow and pencil. Then he take picture and upload it on social media in intervals of time.

He’s inspiration is his fans response on social media, specially on Instagram. So lets have view on Vincent Bal’s work.












His hard work is enough to amaze us in minutes. Hope you enjoyed watching these drawing. You can buy more pictures’ print online from ETSY.Com.

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