25 Things Which Will Happens In Next 1 Minute 

While you might try to pass out your time of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, a lot of things happens which you haven’t an idea about.  

1 minute, 60 second time period might sound tiny. Well, we came up with eye opening facts about how many things happens in a single minute. 

If you like see these things in a video format, we’ve made a video on this. 

Or you can just read it out. Scroll down.

Thing happens in a minute

1. 250 babies will be born. 113 of them will be born into poverty line and 15 will have birth defects.

2. 107 people will die in which 18 people deaths from starvation. 

3. 116 people will get merrid. 

4. 144 people will move to a new home.

5. A hummingbird will flap its wing 4000 times.  

6.  More than 2,040 trees will be cut in rain forest. 

7. About 960 million tons of water will evaporate from the surface of the earth.

8. Nearly, 1800 stars will explode. 

9. 83,300 people will have s*x.

10. Your heart will pump 83 gallons of blood. 

11. 5,441,440 pounds of garbage will be created. 

12. 136,824,00 pounds of carbon dioxide will  be released into the atmosphere as a byproduct of burning fussil fuels. 

13. Humans will kill more than 190 sharks.

On Internet

14. 190,133 google searchs will be made on mobile phones. 

15. 110,040 called will be made on Skype. 

16. 284,722 snaps will be shared on Snapchat. 

17.590,278 swipes will be made on Tinder.

18. 18,327 votes will be casted on Reddit.

19. 9,722 images will be pinned on Pinterest.

20. 1,736,111 photos will be like on Instagram. 

21. 300 hours of new videos will be uploaded on YouTube.

22. 347,222 tweets will be tweeted on Twitter.

23. 4,166,667 posts will be liked on Facebook by its users.

24. 77,160 hours of videos will be steamed on Netflix by its subscribers.

25.51,000 apps will be downloaded on Apple appstore.

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