3 Scary Stories Of Real Incidents Happed In Dark Web 

Dark web is notorious because of what happens in dark web freely. The dark web known as ‘heaven for criminals’ because of high usage for illegal activities. The dark web is the place where you people can hire a hitman, buy drugs, watch brutal porn and also terrorist can do their activities. After these corners of dark web scariest corner known as red rooms. 


Anyone who knows about dark web will always advice to follow security tips before visiting because dark web is filled up with criminals and scamsters. We also suggest to stay safe and secure on the dark web. 

However, there were many people who just ignored security tips and went crazy about dark web. If someones goes crazy about dark web, either he/she will be killed soon or they would have their own scary story but it depends on he/she about sharing their story. 

However, there are few scary stories shared on Internet. We bought those stories to you today.

1. We See You.

This was backbefore Google. Web pages were, for the most part, still very basic HTML with Javascript. Hardly anyone used CSS. Only discussion boards and some banking sites had anything approaching mature front-end/back-end combinations. Etc. Early ‘Net. Real “deep web” story, not just one about illicit activities on-line.

I was browsing random blogs, Geocities sites, and the like, just going from link to link. Eventually I came upon an odd page – it appeared to be random thoughts from different people, but for the time, it was very well-designed. The messages seemed to be cryptic in nature, like several people trying to pass secret notes. I started through the source, and hidden in the comments of a javascript were various IP addresses.

I gathered all of the IP’s in a text file and began enumerating. Some were routers with banner messages I could telnet to – almost all at universities (“Warning! This is a secure system at University of Bla Bla….”). The default Cisco credentials from back in the day worked on most of them, but I didn’t poke around. A few of the IP’s were web servers with little to nothing on them, mostly Apache on Linux or some BSD, at least one IIS server I can recall.

I finally came upon a web server with a huge directory of HTML files and TIFF images, with a few smaller sub directories containing the same. nslookup returned no reverse records for the IP. A VisualRoute traced it as far as Colorado. The HTML files appeared to be records a psychologist or similar mental health professional would keep. The images were of faxes, apparently of both military and medical nature.

As I browsed from a sub directory back to the parent, at the top of was a new HTML file named something like “1-.HELLO-THERE.html”. The time stamp was from right that minute. I opened it, and in plain text was the message “we see you”. No quotes, all lower-case. About 15 seconds later the server dropped.


2. Scam The Scammer.

Obviously a throwaway.
This is from way back, when SR1 was still going strong.
I was looking for a certain substance, but couldn’t find it in my part of the world for a decent price. Posted my request on the forum, and after a few days someone messages me with an offer. For some reason I accepted it and sent him around 200$. Of course I got scammed.
I didn’t think much of it, but posted a warning to others about this guy, saying he scammed me out of 200$.
Few days later I get a message in my inbox saying something like this:
“Hey, I am a vendor and this guy tried to scam me too. He just ordered an ounce of MDMA from me, and an ounce of sweet sugar crystals are on the way to his mailbox. Please send me your BTC address and I will send you the 200$ he scammed you out of.”
The next day I had my 200$ back and a deep respect for the darkweb community.

TL;DR: Guys scams me out of 200$, someone else scams him of 700$ and refunds me my money.


3. Man In Wall

I don’t know what had me fooling around with illegal stuff like the “Deep Web”, but I heard that it was a place where stuff the normal internet didn’t have was stored and viewed. Immediately I got interested, and asked my friend how I may access the “Deep Web”. He wrote me down the instructions. After a while I decided it was time to go home.

When I got home, I looked at the card he wrote the instructions on. It said I needed a browser called “Tor” to access it. Needless to say I got the search engine and read on. Next, it said I needed to find a page called “hidden wiki”. After a while of searching, I found it.

I saw a bunch of nameless links. In the “Hidden Wiki”, links are given without a name or description. People can only find out what’s inside a link by clicking on it.

After numerous sites filled with child porn, drugs, and hitman for hire, I came across a link that I have yet to discover. I clicked on it so see a video. I pressed play.

I saw nothing but a wall. I stared at it for a few minutes. Just as I was about to exit, something was emerging through the wall. I waited and watched longer to discover it was a man with a mask.

“Hey there”
He said. Thinking this was a prank video, I just kept watching. After a while of me just staring at the screen, he began to speak again.

“Aren’t you going to speak?” He asked.
I proceeded to type on the keyboard.
“Not the keyboard. Speak.” He said
At this point I was a bit frightened.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“I’m your friend.” He proceeded to say.

At this point, I’m scared. My face is full of terror. I begin to start showing my fright.
“Come on, friend. Don’t give me that scared face.” He said.

This is when I got extremely frightened.
“Just one second my friend. I will get your address so I can talk to you in real life.”
He proceeded to type on his computer.

Frantic, I tried to close the window down and get out of the video.
“That won’t work” he said.

Before he had time to track my address, I got a screwdriver, removed the back and battery from my laptop. It’s been some time now, and he hasn’t come. He didn’t have enough time to get my address….

….. Or did he…..?


So these were the three stories of dark web users wrote in public. We tried to bring these stories to you to aware you. Comment your thoughts on these stories.

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