50 Pictures Funny Jugaad Images Which Make You Go ROLF

We Indians are awesome when it comes to jugaad. Undoubtedly, Indians are the ultimate kings of jugaad because we deal with complicated things and situations in our own desi styles and make it easier than before. 

As an Indian, we all are aware from the word jugaad and we all do small jugaad in life. Sometimes, some jugaad are not only problem solving but looks funny too. Have a look at these funny jugaad images. 

50 Funny Indian Jugaad Images

1. Bottle-Chappal

2. Who needs tractor when you can do with your bike. 

3. Desi ‘Dish’

4. New Stylish umbrella.

5. Locked. No fears of stealing now. 

6. Beep-Beep oh sorry. Trin trin.

7. Can anyone beat Indian moms?

8. Self made “Nike” Shoes

9. Gas stove❌. Chulha✔

10. When engineers end up with farming but have talent. 

11. Because mirror is so old-fashioned.

12. Because, boys never cry!

13. Tractor + Road roller = troller

14. Using extra ordinary desi brain

15. Now Chappals and cycle both are safe. 

16. Car was out of budget 

17. This must be bachelor. 

18. Last stage on jeans in India. 

19. I will gift this to my boss.

20. Jugaau kids

21. Can’t jump? Try this. 

22. Just engineers can reach this level of jugaad. 

23. Somebody give her an award!

24. Safety first. 

25. Who the hell said CDs have no use now?

26. No “Tala Janjhat”

27. Door lock in car.

28. turn on the switch for “Ujala” :p

29. Bottle- Shower

30. Do not disturb sleeping mode. 

31. For smooth cycle ride. 

32. Yo belt. 

33. Iron girl?

34. Lack of seats? No problem. 

35. When Creativity means Jugaad

36. Two rooms to cool? Here’s the solution. 

37. One level up jugaad.

38. This to. 

39. Why yo need to kill mosquitos when you can make them “Talli”


41. Now if buffalo moves, stumps will too. 

42. New artificial seats

43. Thug life lunch. 

44. When you take “Swach Barat Abhiyan” seriously which you should.

45. Who said you can’t practice car driving in home?

46. Car seat broken? No problem.

47. Nal-key

48. When bike was out of budget but still heart  says “bike”

49. Security level – Desi jugaad.

50. Cooling cock.

Note: Images were collected from  pinterest


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