More Than 6 Million Instagram Accounts Hacked And Now Account Being Sold On Dark Web

Just before few days, Instagram was suffering massive data breach and by that, any unknown hacker stole more than 6 million instagram account’s details.

Many ethical hackers reported to instagram that it has a critical API bug that allows hackers to gain access to verified Instagram profiles. But before this bug could solve, any unknown hacker did his work and saved all data on their server.

More than 6 million instagram account's details of Instagram user hacked.


And the stolen data is being sold on dark web’s website Doxagram (We Don’t Suggest To Visit This Site). To find whos account was hacked or not, Doxagram is allowing to search but charging 10$ per search which can be pain only via Bitcoins only.

In this 6 million users, any one from any where can be in the list because the hacker did not revealed that which accounts they targeted. So the list of hacked accounts can contain anyone! popular or common person, sports stars, politicians or media companies can be in the list, Its not possible to predict which kind of accounts they targeted.

One week ago, a news came that the most followed account on Instagram, Selena Gomez‘s Instagram account has shared Justin Bieber‘s nude pictures.

However, Instagram did not confirmed that the Incident of Selena Gomez’s was related to data breach.

Instagram has informed to its all verified profile about the data breach and alerted for any unknown phone call or unknown emails.

This stolen data can be resone for any celebrity to face embarrassment in upcoming days because hacker’s next step might be this.

We recommend to every Instagram user to change their Instagram passwords and to enable two-factor authentication to secure you account from hackers to gaining access and making your account secured any it will protect your account in future hacking attempts too.

Also, we are suggesting to not click on the unknown spam mails because it can steal your data so be careful in opening and clicking on spam mails.

We made a YouTube Video regarding to this topic in pure hindi you can watch below.

Or you can watch this video directly from youtube .

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