6 Most Friendly Nations Of India – Know Which Are Those Nations

India always been a great country never had any conflicts with any country except Pakistan And Chaina. Pakistan had thrown 3 wars on India and one was started by India and India won all war while china thrown one war but India lost that war.

India always stayed quite independent in foreigner diplomatic relations but still India’s foreign relations are still strong. Its well accepted that India have Big Heart when it comes to foreign relations. Lets take a look on India’s most friendly countries.  

1. Russia

The only country which helped when we really needed in 1971 with Pakistan when India’s relations with United States and that country was clearly against India and there was some doubts about China’s entrees in war. At that time Russia came up as super guard and India and Russia signed Indo-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation. 

Both nations maintained relations and still India consider Russia as most friendly allied country.

2. Japan

Japan and India were the enemies before India’s independence but relations improved after the independence of India. Japan has helped financially in many infrastructure projects and Delhi metro was the most important one.

Recently, Japan cane up on India’s high speed rail network of Bullet Train and the whole deal is in India’s favor. We already explained about benefits of bullet trains in another article.

The year 2007 was declared as India-Japan Friendship Year because Indian Navy and Japanese Self-Defence Forces took a part in naval exercise in Malabar (Indian Ocean). Australia and Singapore too did exercise but later there was only three permanent member in this exercise which are, United States, Japan and India and this exercise are still done every year.

3. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one of the most friendly country to India. India aided and helped much Afghanistan and Afghan gave credits to India and thanked in their ways.

Recently, India built a dam in Afghan in 2016. The dam’s name was Salma Dam but to honor India’s effort, Afghan renamed it to Indo-Afghan Friendship Dam. 

Salma Dam, Renamed To “India Afghanistan Friendship Dam”

Afghan Foreign Ministry quoted India as a “brother country” and the relationship between the two as one which “no enemy can hamper“.
Thats how how Afghanistan shows love for India.
4. Bhutan

The first country to recognise India as independent nation was Bhutan in 1947. Bhutan is India’s neighborhood country and it have open border with India.

We have signed a Treaty Of Friendship with Bhutan in 1949 in which both nations agreed to not to interfere in each other’s internal affairs but later Bhutan agreed to have India’s influence in Bhutan’s foreign policies. Its India’s responsibility to save & secure on border areas of Bhutan with China by the Treaty of Friendship. 

5. Nepal

The relations between Nepal and India is quite older. Both nations have signed a treaty, 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship. In 2015, Nepal’s madavish crises caused and it effected India’s image in Nepal.

However, these kind of incident can’t break 65 year old relations.

6. Israel

India was the country which voted against Israel’s creation (palestine partition) but today Israel is the largest defense military equipment supplier after Russia.

Israel was the country who helped India during 1999 Kargil War. India accully wasn’t winning that war because Indian army wasn’t trained to fight on higher mountains and India was firing missiles randomly and target less. During the war, India felt need of laser guided missiles Israel supplied it quicker. That was the turning point of war and India won it.

There are many more nation like Shri Lanka, Myanmar, United States and Bangladesh whom India have better relations but not so far to get in the Most Friendly Country To India’s list.

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