There Are 7 More Countries Where People Speak Hindi – Know About Those Countries

Hindi is one of the oldest languages and this language is mostly spoken in India but some states have its own language. Because of that, Hindi couldn’t be declared as National Language.

But have you thought that Hindi is been spoken in few other countries too ? Yes there are countries where hindi is spoken. In this post, we will be talking about those countries.


1. Mauritius 

Holi Festival In Mauritius

It was 1800’s time when British was ruling India and Mauritius. Because there was some shortage of workforce, British government bought workers from India (Mainly from bihar) to farm in sugarcane farms. The first arrival of workers was on 2nd November 1834 at Aapravasi Ghat, Port Louis. Then British government bought many workers and gave works in other sectors. Within ten years, the populaion of Indians was almost third of whole population of island.

Because Mauritius is mixture of Asian and African per people, there are many languages are being used but there is no mention of “Official Language”, no official language is declared. But they use English por parliament debates and French in  school and some other sectors while there are lot of people use Hindi. Also, Hindi is a subject in school too.

2. Fiji

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Fiji has same story as Mauritius have, around 61,000 people were bought to fiji in 1879 to 1916 and now, there are 38% peoppeople are Indian descent and they can speak Hindi And Other three more countries have same story as above two nations. And those countries are Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago

Divali Festival In Suriname

Now lets move to 7th country  Which is Nepal.

Nepal have its official language as Nepali language but they can read hindi easily because Hindi And Nepali were written in Devanagari Script. They can read, undunderstand and speak Hindi because of Indian Tv Shows, Bollywood Movies and Hindi Songs. And Nepali views Indian Shows And Indian Films Because India is doing very well in entertainment sector.


So, these was the 7 countries where Hindi is being spoken. comment your views in Comment Box.

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