8 Facts About Immortal Jellyfish Which You Must Know If You’re A Science Lover

Ocean has covered more than 70% area on earth but still we humans have discovered ocean less than 5% and still 95% ocean is undiscovered and we don’t know how many amazing life forms living there. Scientists says that we know more about space than our own ocean. Isn’t is ugly thing?

However, the ocean we discovered is enough to make us amazed by its magic-like life forms. Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish is one jellyfish which makes us amazed with its forever living abilityYou might be already knowing if you came from Google but in-case if you don’t know which kind of jellyfish is that and what’s special in that then let me tell you. Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish also known as immortal jellyfish can live for forever unless killed.

The general information given on internet about this immortal jellyfish that it can regenerate and get back to its young age when it gets older and it can do this regeneration process again and again. But we came up with more facts about this only immortal creature. 


  1. The Turritopsis dohrnii was discovered in the year 1883 in Mediterranean Sea. However, till mid-1990s, the researchers and scientists weren’t aware about its super power of regeneration which is extremely unique. 
  2. As we know this Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish is the only immortal creature on the planet, the regeneration process is unique. When this Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish gets injured or starving, it will attach itself to surface in warm watersand turns into a sort of living blob. From this blob state, cells of this immortal jellyfish will undergo a process called “transdifferentiation”. 
  3. “Transdifferentiation” is a process wherein cells will turn into different kinds of cells. The muscle cells of the immortal jellyfish can turn into egg cells or even sperm cells, which means that this creature Turritopsis dohrnii has transformation powers which never been seen or found any other life form. 
  4. Since the discovery of the immortal jellyfish in the Mediterranean Sea, many identical species have been found in places like the Atlantic Ocean side of the Panama, Spain and in Japan too. The reason considered of spreading of immortal jellyfish is that they get caught in ballast waters that come from long-distance ocean cargo vessels. 
  5. The species found in various places are usually identical but some times few different physical adaptations. Well, it dependson the environment in which it lives. For instance, specimens that live in tropical waters have 8 tentacles while ones from more temperate regions  have 24 tentacles. 
  6. We know Turritopsis dohrnii as immortal jellyfish but despite its “immortal” tag, it still can die. It can die in two was, either get eaten by  predators or either they starve or get sick as polyps because they only regenerate cells when they have reached maturity. If anything goes wrong, they won’t be able to use its super power “Transdifferentiation” and therefore it will die. 
  7. The main diet for Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish  usually consists of fish eggs, plankton and tiny mollusks. 
  8. These jellyfish are quite small and while they do sting, they are not poisonous like the box jellyfish which is also tiny at just 2.5cm long

So these were 8 facts about the only immortal creature, Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish. Hope you like it, do share with your friends.

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