8 Facts About India’s Most Accurate Missile BrahMos – India’s Best Defence Weapon

Brahmos missile is undoubtedly world’s fastest short range missile and which is made by India’s DRDO and Federal State Unitary Enterprise NPO Mashinostroyenia (NPOM) of Russia. The name of Brahmos is taken from two rivers of both countries, “brah” was taken from India’s river Brahmputra and “mos” was taken from Moskva river of Russia. BrahMos is definitely India’s pride. Today we made up list of 10 amazing facts about India’s most accurate missile, BrahMos.


1. Brahmos is the fastest cruise missile in the world with speeds exceeding 2.8 to 3 mach.

The speed of three mach is three times faster than speed of sound and in numbers, its 2300 mph.

2. Brahmos reaches its maximum speed very quickly once after fired.

Its a great thing that it reaches mach 2.i to mach 3 speed which is three times faster than speed of sound.

3. It can hit targets 120km away with an accuracy rate of 99.75%.

It Means, the missile will never mis the target.

4. Once Brahmos missile is fired, there is no anti air missile is so far developed that it can counter Bhahmos.

This is why Brahmos called as India’s pride.

5. Once after fired, when its last few miles away from target then it maneuvers from left to right in order to avoid any incoming missiles or bullets being fired.

Again, not possible to counter Brahmos!

6. Brahmos can be launched from all three platforms, Land, Air and Water.

The Brahmos is not limited to any one or two platforms but it can be fired from all three platforms.

7. India will have over 2000 Brahmos missiles in upcoming 10 years.

This will permanently change world’s view on india’s defense weaponary and its power.

8. BrahMos will be more deadly in the future with its hypersonic version.

Yes, you here it right! scientists still improving and working on Brahmos 2.

Only God can save the place which is target of Brahmos if its fired. Brahmos have definitely changed world’s view on Indian armed force.


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