Here’s The Advantages Of Bullet Train Which You Must Know

India have 7th largest economy in the world and having average quality trains in which most of trains’ speed in below then the average speed. So currently if Indian government wants to have a better solution, they will see two option out there.

1. Improving Current Infrastructure Of Trains
2. Or To Work On With New Technologies

The current modi government decided to work with new technology, Bullet Train. Japan came up to invest approx 80% money and giving technology. The Major resone of this investment is China. Both countries, India And Japan have territorial issues with China. It is always a good practice to find a friend who has the same enemy as you. China has been reverse engineering Japan’s technology for years now. In fact Japan just lost a bullet train contract in Indonesia to China, which was actually a reverse engineered version of the bullet trains from Japan and Germany.

So, Chaina is the major reason of growing India-Japan relations.

Also, japan is 4th largest economy in the world and to keep it up, they need to keep running their money. Because Japan is country of old citizens, it is not possible to keep running their money. Japan may wanted to find better option and may Japan was looking with own benefits too.

However, The great thing is that, Japan is investing not giving a loan. We will given 50 years to pay the investment.

So, this will be win win situation for India. Now lets jump to advantages of bullet trains


1. Learning Technology 

Its well proven by Indians that we are the quick learner of computing, nuclear and space technologies that all came through overseas investments. As Indian learns faster, the production cost came down quality. If we can send object to Mars with cheaper cost then cost of a Bollywood, won’t it can happen with trains too ? Even if we import the tech from Japan now, 20 years from now, India could learn enough to become a major innovator in this segment.

2. Bringing Japan And India Closer

India and Japan have a huge potential collaborate this deal could kickstart the process, just as the Maruti Suzuki 3 decades ago helped India become a player in the automotive business. In the 80s people questioned the need for an auto plant in a poor country. We have come a long way from the Maruti 800.

3. Economic viability

For starting days, Bullet Train tickets will be costlier then the air ticket. But Bullet Trains will come with better comfort and speed. But the time takes drive to the Mumbai airport from south Mumbai dealing with traffic and going trough all checks, a traveller will reach ahmedabad. So why a traveller buy a flight ticket?  the same traveler will travel from bullet train to save time.
4. Accelerating busines

Every hour is important for an entrepreneur. The bullet trains will cut down most of time off transportation. And national could get indirect benefits. If the merchants in Mumbai, Surat, Vadodra and Ahmedabad could zip fast quite quickly among these cities, business will prosper. Eventually, that could be replicated across India.

The government have chance to change the 162 year old railway system with new technology. The results will come in years with first bullet train, it will surely take a lot time but it will change Indian Railway system too.

Hope, you understood whole article. If you have any questions regarding to this, then please ask in comment box.

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  1. What about the people who criticises bullet train ? Why do they criticises ??

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