Biggest Cheating Incident In Cricket History. Langer removes bails and appeals for hit wicket.

Cricket is always an entertaining game. If we talk about cricketer, every cricketer wants to win, who wants to loss? However, it depends on the both team’s players’ form and little bit on luck too. While cheating is the out of the box think which is not possible to do and not to get caught in camera nowadays.

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Well, there are number of cheating incidents but we will be taking about Australia And Sri Lanka at Colombo was happened in 2004.


This incident happened in the last test when Hasan Tilakaratne played a ball from Brad Williams to fine leg and ran for a single. He completed the single and it was then when Australian team started appealing for hit wicket. While playing the shot, he was no near to the stumps. Then, how did the bells fell off?


The field umpires then went to the third umpire and replays made it clear what actually had happened. When the field change was going on for right-handed Thilan Samaraweera, Langer was moving to other side of field. When he was just near to the stumps, he dislodged the bails with his hands. At one time, it looked like it was Ponting who did it. The worst part is that Langer never admitted that he had dislodged the bails when his team appealed or when the play was stopped. Wasn’t it cheating? It looks ugly when you caught cheating in an international match.



The video makes it clear that it intentional even through Langer said that it was untentional. The umpires reported it to the ICC but he managed to survive a huge fine or any disciplinary action


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