Bollywood’s 10 low budget which went hit after release

Bollywood is one for the largest center of film production in the world. when it comes to average of production of movies, Bollywood produces two times more movies than Hollywood, Bollywood produces on average of 1000 movies per year while produces Hollywood 500 movies per year. But its quite interesting that you may know very few movies of that 1000 movies.

Its because of those movie’s low budget. If movie’s budget is very low then the movies producer will not abel to advertise movies and the whole budget if movie’s marketing to very low. The movie will not have any popular actors. So, today we came up with list of low budget movies with went hit without any superstars or marketing.


1. Phas Gaya Re Obama

Budget : Rs. 6 crore

Box office earnings : Rs. 19 crore

Phas Gaya Re Obama was an satirical comedy movie which was released in 2010 and was an low budget movie. It stars Rajat Kapoor, Neha Dhupia, Sanjay Mishra, Amol Gupte and Manu Rishi Chadha.

2. Vicky Donor (2012)

Budget – Rs. 5 crore

Box Office earnings – Rs. 65 crore


Vicky Donor is the one of the most successful low budget movie which earned 65 crore with the investment of 5 crore. Vicky Donor movie stars were Ayushmann Khurrana, Yami Gautam, Annu Kapoor and Dolly Ahluwalia. This film raised a sensitive issue in this file without showing vulgarity in film.

3.No One Killed Jessica

Budget – Rs. 9 crore

Box Office earnings – Rs. 58 crore

The film is based on infamous Jessica Lal murder case and the trail that followed. The movie has an interesting storie and in results movies earned 6 times more money than the budget of whole movie.

4. Paan Singh Tomar

Budget – Rs. 8 Crore

Box Office earnings  – Rs. 38 crore

The film “Paan Singh Tomar” was an biopic of Indian solider, athlete and rebel . Actor Irfaan Khan was playing the lead role it was a hit movie with earned 35 crore while movie budget was 8 crore rupees.

5. Gangs of Wasseypur

Budget : Rs. 10 crore

Box Office earnings : 55 crore

This was a movie which was based on  thriller criminal incidents between three families in Jharkhand. The movie amazed people who saw this movie.

6. Iqbal

Budget : 75 lakh

Box Office earnings : 45 crore

This movie show a story of a18 year old boy was living for cricket and he became a cricketer with facing lots of problems. The movie’s budget wasn’t even 1 crore (75 lakh) but it earned 45 crore which is 45 times more than the budget. This movie surely was a super hit movie.

7. Tere Bin Laden

Budget – Rs. 6 crore

Box Office earnings – Rs. 15 crore


Pakistani pop singer Ali Zafar was in the lead role in this movie. the movie shows a story of a journalist  who wanted to move in United States. And to move, he made a fake video of Osama Bin Laden and sold it for money. the movie earned almost three times more money than the budget.

8. Peepli Live

Budget – Rs. 10 crore

Box Office earnings – Rs. 35 crore

Peepli Live was an comedy movie which was themed on very sensitive issue of farmers suicide and the subsequent response of the media channels and the political leaders.

9. Kahaani

Budget – Rs. 8 crore

Box Office earnings – Rs. 78 crore

Vidhy balan was only a popular face in this movie and this movie didn’t had any superstars but it earned 78 crore with the movie budget of just 8 crore. Vidya balan is show as pregnant women and she was searching his missing husband in Kolkata.

10. Pyar Ka panchnama

Budget – Rs. 7 crore

Box Office earnings – Rs. 17 crore


The movie shows the story of three bachelors who fallen in love with three girls. The movie has very interesting storie and twists and turns.


The low budget hit movie’s list doesn’t end up here but we listed the movies which made in this decade  hope the bollywood continues focusing on content more than the profits and we get more movies like this in feature.

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