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UC Browser Is Not Safe, Alleged In Stealing Data

A bad news is coming for Indian UC browser users that the browser is they are using from long time is not a safe browser. This information came up when Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) asked to a research team called Citizen Lab to test out security of UC browser  and they did some tests ...Read More

More Than 6 Million Instagram Accounts Hacked And Now Account Being Sold On Dark Web

Just before few days, Instagram was suffering massive data breach and by that, any unknown hacker stole more than 6 million instagram account’s details. Many ethical hackers reported to instagram that it has a critical API bug that allows hackers to gain access to verified Instagram profiles. But before this bug could solve, any unknown hacker did his work and saved all ...Read More

Doklam Issue Has Been solved. Know Who Won And Who Lost

It took 73 days with army standoff and now the issue has been solved on diplomatic stage. In these days, China kept threatening India but India stayed on our strong point which was a negative point for China. Its a good thing that the issue of Doklam has been solved peacefully. [Must Read] Here Is Why China Can’t Afford War ...Read More