Here Is Why China Can’t Afford War With India

Recently, India and China are confronted with each other on the Doklam. While China is continuously threatening India to take back army from Doklam, India is just not reacting on threats. So one question comes that why India is being so careless on China’s threats?

Ok lets talk on this, accully Indian isn’t being so careless but Indian government know that China just want to make India scared on war and military actions but new government of India has changed its policy. With new policy, India will not deal softly with anything which harmfull to India’s integrity and sovereignty.
India have one and strong reason to stay on Doklam while china is just standing to satisfy Chines government’s ego.

After 1962 war, No bullet was been fired on border. Why? There are many reasons why china can’t afford war with India

International Reputation 

China’s biggest dream is to become Superpower country and China is showing it self as responsible country. With OBOR, China wants to work in other countries and give big loans. If China declare war against India, it will affect its international reputation.

Trade With India

China and India is trading from long time and trade between two countries has grown 24 times in last 15 years, from $2.9 billion in 2000 to $70.8 billion in 2016. War will break all trades which will not be good for both countries but it will affect Chinese companies and Chinese Economy (not too much but noticeable)

India Armed Forces Strength

When it comes to strength of armed forces, China ranks 3rd in most powerful armed forces while India is just beside of china and ranking 4th. India have empowered its strength well because of Pakistan.

War Is Not Good For Developed Country 

While India is developing country, China is developed country and developed country has more to lose than the developing country.

Before declaring war against India, China must understand that India is unbeatable country and India will not alone in war.

So, War will damage China more than India. Comment your views in Comment Selection.

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