Chinese Army Is Asked To Learn Hindi To Communicate With Indian Army

After solving Doklam issue, both countries looking forward to rebuild relations between both countries. It took 73 days to solve a disputed area issue but both nations doesn’t want to have more conflicts or issues with each other.

Hu Zhiyong, a research fellow at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences’ Institute of International Relations has wrote a article in China’s governmental newspaper Global Times. In that article, he asked China’s People’s Liberation Army to teach Hindi to Sino – India border troops as India is teaching its troops to Mandarin language. By learning Hindi, it would be better communication and to avoid any “unnecessary” misunderstandings with their Indian counterparts.

Last week, India’s home minister Rajnath Singh lauded soliders and officers of the Indo-Tibet Border Forces(ITBP) for introducing Mandarin during basic training of its troops in order to help them converse with PLA soldiers during face offs.
Earlier, english was being used in conversations in face offs by both countries’ soliders. It will be great sign if both nations teach each other’s language.

Doklam standoff definitely hurted relations between two countries and it took a long time to solve but teaching each other’s language to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings is the sign that both nations does not want to engage in issues.

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