10 Informative Dark Web Facts Which You Should Know

We was believing google knows everything until we came to know about deep web dark web its dark community. The dark web is filled up with illegal and scary stuffs while deep web is filled up with secret contents. Both the parts of Internet network are hidden from search engines and protected with multiple security layers and some sites are password protected. Because its secrecy, we know very few sites of deep and dark web. 
You might be having curiosity about there both parts of Internet network and tried to fulfil it with some interesting facts about deep and dark web. 

  1. The dark web was founded in 1997 for US Navy to communicate with intelligence without being detected. 
  2. To access Dark web sites, you will need to have a special software called Tor
  3. The sites are not indexed by any search engines are part of Deep web and the sites are not indexed plus it have .onion domain extension are part of dark web.
  4. Because of its freedom and anonymity, Dark web became heaven for criminals and terrorist activities.
  5. The internet we can surf is called Surface web which is just 4% of total Internet. 96% of Internet is hidden from search engines. 
  6. Hiring a hitman, buying/selling drugs, human experiments and trafficking, buying/selling weapons and stolen databases are common in dark web.
  7. You can read banned books in dark web. 
  8. To buy or sell, the currency used in dark web is Bitcoins which helps to make anonymous transactions. 
  9. There are various wapsites which links other .onion sites like HiddenWiki.
  10. Silk Road was the site which bought dark web in lame lights by media in 2013.

    So these were the top 10 informative facts about dark and deep web. We’ve written few more informative related to deep web and dark web. 

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