10 Amazing Facts About Mars – You Must Know These Facts If You Have Interest In Outer Space.

When it comes to outer space talks, its always interesting and amazing. Its quite acceptable that we are not even big as microbes front of Observable Universe because OB is too big for humans. The only thing we reached outer the earth is Moon but humans won’t stop at this.

The planet earth is the only planet in our solar system but this doesn’t mean humans can’t live outside the earth. Planet Mars is the only Planet in our solar system where life can survive because its in habitable zone after earth.

The Red Angry Planet Mars is the fourth planet from earth and second smallest planet in our solar system and facts about Mars is quite interesting. So lets jump to Facts About Mars

1. The Landmass of Mars is very similar to earth

The second smallest planet have similar landmass because earth’s 70% surface is covered in water.
2. There were 51 Missions to Mars But Only 21 were successful.

The success mission list contains ISRO’s Mangalyaan too. 🙂

3. Pieces of Mars have been found on Earth.

Scientists found tiny pieces of Mars on Earth. These pieces age on earth is predicted as millions of years but scientists couldn’t predict any exact age.

4. The tallest mountain known in the solar system is on Mars.

That mountain is named as Olympus Mons and its three time taller than mount everest.

5. Mars experiences huge dust storms and its largest in our solar system.


6. It takes Mars 687 Earth days to orbit the Sun.

A year of Mars is earth’s 1.88 year with is almost doble.

7. Mars does not have a magnetic field.

Like earth have magnetic field, Mars had once but later Mars lost it.

8. Mars has seasons like Earth, but they last twice as long.

Because the year of Mars is twice longer than earth.

9. Signs of liquid water is found on Mars. 

The water on mars is found as ice caps form can be detected in winter season only.

10. Almost 20% of the air freezes on Mars, during winter.

Mars is 1.5 times far from the Sun then earth. And Mars have very thin atmosphere so carbon dioxide is not so powerful there so in results, winter is tougher than earth.

The list of Facts about mars does not end here but these were top 10 interesting facts about Mars.

After reading this post, you will surely understand that to star human lifes is not so easy on mars but its not Impossible too scientists of NASA is still working on this and we hope one day they succeed.

If you have any thoughts in your mind then please write down in comment box.

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