Four Times When India And Pakistan Helped Each Other

India and Pakistan never had long term peace between both countries but had four wars. The first war was started by Pakistan in 1965 and before it, relations between both countries were so good that borders between both countries were open border. The last war between both countries was in 1999 which was kargil war.

However, Wars couldn’t break love of two countries as both fought together for freedom and later divided. There are four times when India and Pakistan helped each other.

1. 2001 Gujarat Earthquake in India: 

Gujrate was suffering from earthquake and at that time, president of Pakistan Pervez Mushrraf sent a planw which was loaded of relief supplies to India from Islamabad to Ahmedabad. The plane was carrying 200 tents and more than 2000 blankets.
After that, resident of Pakistan called Indian Prime minister and expressed his ‘sypathy’. over the loss from the earthquake.

2. 2005 Earthquake in Pakistan:

After four years, the same situation of earthquake was in pakistan in 2005. On this time, India hepled back Pakistan by sending 25 tonnes of relief material to Pakistan including food, blankets and medicines. Also, a big company in India Infosys offered US 226,000$. On 12 October 2005,  an Ilyushin-76 cargo plane ferried across seven truckloads (about 82 tons) of army medicines, 15,000 blankets and 50 tents and returned to New Delhi. India dispatched the second consignment of relief material to Pakistan, by train through the Wagah Border. The consignment included 5,000 blankets, 370 tents, 5 tons of plastic sheets and 12 tons of medicine. A third consignment of medicine and relief material was also sent shortly afterwards by train.India also pledged $25 million as aid to Pakistan.

3. Yemen Crisis:

When the situation in Yemen was war-like situation, India decided to run a operation to save Indians which were in Yemen at that time. That operation was named Operation Rahat and Indian army evacuated more than 4000 Indians and including few other foreign nations. In which indian air forces evacuated pakistani citizens too and Pakistan evacuated 11 Indians with thier navy. This was the resent example of India – Pakistan unbreakable relations.

4. J&K Floods:

In september 2014, kashmir suffered heavy rain and floods. during this floods, india ran a rescue operation with IAF. which rescued not only indian kashmiri people but sent relief materials in pakistan too.

India and Pakistan may disaggregate on each other’s argues but when one of two countries faces problems, another came for help. We hope this strong relations lasts longer. Happiness & Peace.

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