Hafiz Saeed To be Freed Ahead Of 26/11 Anniversary – What Kind Of Massages Pakistan Want To Give ? 

Hafiz Saeed, Main Suspect Of 26/11 Mumbai Attack
Hafiz Saeed, Main Suspect Of 26/11 Mumbai Attack

Hafiz Saeed, infamous as Mastermine of 26/11 was detained from 90 days by Pakistan government but will be released thursday. 

Hafiz Saeed was detained on this January 31 with his four aids, Abdullah Ubaid, Malik Zafar Iqbal, Abdul Rehman Abid and Qazi Kashif by Punjab Government of Pakistan for 90 days under the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997.

Under Pakistan’s laws, the government of Pakistan can detain a person up to three months but unde charges but to extend detention, the government requirs an approval from the judiciary board. 

The punjab government expressed fear of international pressure. During a hearing by the judicial review board on Tuesday, the Punjab government had said Pakistan might face sanctions from the international community if the JuD chief is released and asked to renew his detention for a further 90 detention but judiciary board rejected. And now Hafiz Saeed will be freed on Thursday. 

Just a month ago, Hafiz Saeed was in headlines when his aids formed a party named Milli Muslim League and declared that the party will follow Hafiz’s ideology. 

However, a question raise in everyone’s mind that which kind of massage Pakistan wants to give by freeing him just ahead of deadly 26/11 attack’s anniversary ? Do Pakistan really wants the peace or the “Peace” is just a meaning less word for them ?

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