How To Access Dark Web And Deep Web Android – Step By Step Tutorial

Nowadays almost everyone uses Internet in their smart phones instead of laptop. Android and iOS phones are attractive as you can do most of things which you can do in laptop or PC.

Also, people would prefer to access this scary part of Internet network in their phones instead of laptop because of insecurity in the dark web. 

However, you can visit dark web securely by following security tips

How to access deep web and dark web in Android phones

First all, you will two apps for accessing the dark web which are available on Google Play Store. These apps are Orbot And Orfox

After installing both apps, Open Orbot app and you will see screen like below screenshot.

As highlighted in above picture, click on Start. 

Then the whole onion circle will turn into yellow color.

Wait for some time till it shows a notice something like: “Bootstrapped 100%: Done”. 


As highlighted above, click on on this settings button. 

Than it will show you your all the apps of your phone. Ignore all except Orfox. 

As focused and highlighted in above picture, click on Orfox app’s below box and mark it. 

Now, press the home key and come back to home and open Orfox app. Orfox is just like other browsers where you can drop the url and start surfing. 

Unfortunately, the app Orfox don’t allow to take a screenshot so I’m not able to show further screenshots. 

There are many dark web sites but as dark web not safe but there are few sites which are considered as safe. 

If you’re having any problems accessing dark web using this method, please comment. I will reply with solutions. 

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