Images of Indian Borders With 7 Countries. Know Which Are Open And Which are Sealed

World’s biggest democratic country India is sharing its borders with 7 other countries. And those seven countries are, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan and Shi Lanka. 

So today we decided to make your day by showing pictures of borders with India’s neighborhood countries.

Lets start with India’s most friendly country Bhutan.

1. Butan

The country who recognised India as independent nation in 1947 was Bhutan. Just after 2 years of India’s independence, India Bhutan signed Treaty of Friendship in 1949. Border between India and Bhutan is open and it borders with India’s four states which are Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, West Bengal and Sikkim and the border is 699 km long. The open border is the only way to enter in bhutan and border with china is fully sealed.

2. Nepal

The second most friendly country Nepal also have open border with India and Nepali people are allowed to come in Indian and work. We also have a special treaty with Nepal which is named 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship.

3. China 

India and China is two major growing economies in the world and most populous countries too. However, the relations between both countries was not so good before. India had a war with China in 1962 and in which India lost its territory Aksai Chin and later in 1967 in Nathu La, a war like situation become but it didn’t went much far. But after those worst events, China – India relations was became better untill Doklam Standoff. However, India and China have Line Of Actual Cantrol as border.

4. Myanmar  (Burma)

India have border with Myanmar in four states which are  Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur. Border between India and Myanmar is open and citizens of both countries don’t need visa and passports to cross the borders.

5. Bangladesh 

The border of Bangladesh and India is world’s fifth longest border. but the situation in border is not so good. India suffers big problem of Bangladeshi citizens illegal immigration and in results, Indian armed forces are stricter on border.

6. Shri Lanka

Borders between India and Shri Lanka is the shortest land border in the world which have just 100 meters length. Both the countries are joined by a narrow stretch of Adam’s Bridge (also know as rama setu).

7. Pakistan 

India have border with Pakistan in four states which are Gujrate, Rajasthan, Punjab and Jammu-Kashmir. Border of other states are knows as International Border except Jammu-Kashmir border. Because of both countries claimants, there is Line of Cantrol (LoC). Border of India – Pakistan was an open border till 1965. India and Pakistan had four wars after independence and India won all the wars. There was many attempt to bring peace between both national by both countries leader but all went failed and still situation on borders of Pakistan – India is not good. News of ceasefire violation on LoC comes intervals of times.

So these were the border pictures and its stories. Do share with your friends and comment is you have any thoughts about this.

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