India Regains The Status Of World’s Fastest Growing Economy With 7.2% Growth

There were many predictions on India’s GDP’s growth rate after two big economic reforms which were Demonstration and GST. both were big reforms and bold steps. 

GDP growth was 6.5 percent in second quarter but in third quarter the GDP growth increased to 7.2 percent and with this, India regains the status of worlds fastest growing economy while china held 2nd rank in third quarter with 6.8 percent growth. The data was released by Central Statistics Office today.

There are many more predictions made by economists for upcoming GDP growth in which some says GDP will grow up quite while some economists say opposite of this. 

However, BJP president Amit Shah came up on twitter and tweeted this tweet. 


As soon as this news went viral, the hashtag which Amit Shah used was trending on twitter. 

This was a relieving news for BJP and Narendra Modi as he was being criticised for both economic reforms which both down GDP growth by almost 2 percent. Now India back on first spot on world’s fastest growing economies. 

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