IPL Media Rights Sold To Star India At US 2.55 billion Dollars – Do IPL Grew Up As A Competitor In International Sports ?

Last year IPL (Indian Premier League) completed its years of its launch and the journey of 10 years was great and may this is the reason why Star Indian bedded this much amount to buy the IPL Media rights.

In these 10 years, IPL has become so popular and this is good evidence of its popularity that Star India bedded this much amount to buy media rights.

There was a big competitor in bidding price for auction and it was Sony but Star India won this auction and bought media rights for upcoming 5 years which means the Star India will hold media rights of IPL till 2022.

And from now, each IPL match will be worth USD 8.47 million (55 crore in rupees)for the next five years. And each Indian International worth is 43 crore rupees which means IPL’s match will more costlier that the international match. Quite Interesting?  Yeah !

The journey of IPL is not whole clean but it had some dark spotes too. The chairman of IPL was suspended from BCCI due to individual misdemeanours. And then there few spot fixing cases came up in 2 years in row. but BCCI too very strong actions againt the players who was involved in spot fixing cases then the Indian Supreme Court banned tow IPL teams for 2 years. And those strictly taken action became the reason of fear of spot fixing and may be this is why the fans forgot and moved forward kept watching matchs. And the reputation of ipl kept rising.

On begging days of Indian cricket, the DD channel was taking 5 lakh per match and now IPL will earn 55 crore per match. This shows how fast cricket grew up in Indian in last two decades.

What when it comes to International popularity, Premier League (football) earns 13.18 million USD while IPL earns 8.47 million USD per month, So its quite acceptable that football is still most popular sport but IPL is one of the most popular sports league.

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