Japan Stands With India On Doklam Standoff, China Chides Japan

More than a month went in India-China on Doklam standoff and china has threatened India 48 times while India haven’t reacted on threats so the situation on Doklam standoff is still same as month before.

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But diplomatic relations aren’t same, Japan just came out with in full support for India in its protracted military stand-off with China at Doklam.

In an interview to Hindustan Times Japanese ambassador to India Kenji Hiramatsu said

We recognize Doklam is a disputed area between Bhutan and China and two countries are engaged in border talks… We also understand that the India has a treaty understanding with Bhutan that’s why Indian troops got involved in the area,

The Japan is the first major power to talk openly  about Doklam Standoff and took India’s side.

On june 29, the government of Bhutan issued a press release in which it clearly stated that the construction of the road inside the Bhutanese territory is a direct violation of the agreements and affects the process of demarcating the boundary between the two countries.

There is one notable thing is that Chines Media is playing an active role in Doklam Standoff and trying to make it as important topic in chinese public and showing government’s aggression to India

As US and other major power countries predictions, china became aggressive on border issues. Accully, Next election will in next year and Xi Jinping promised China’s public to make china as Superpower country and next year he have show how much they did to get that seat of Superpower.

However, Indian is standing because of its friendship treaty with Bhutan. By that treaty, Its India’s responsibility to save & secure on border areas. Because India have valid reason for the military action, china has disadvantaged at diplomatic stage. But China is keeping threating India and planning up to take military action. If China take military action, it will affect much India-china relations

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