Love Reading? These 10 Apps Are Recommended To Install

Having a reading habit? Then you have the best habit a human should have because reading keeps increasing your knowledge and information till you’re not reading something worthless like 50 shade of grey book. 

With reading habit, your behaviour would be cool and clam. In this app generation, you can do almost all the non-physical works using apps. For reading, there are too many apps but I have sorted out best 15 apps which I liked and recommend to install. 

Note: No apps are sponsored, the list is created based on reviews and usability. 

Best Android Apps For Reading

1. Wikipedia

Needless to say but for reading certain topic, Wikipedia is considered as 100% trusted source. Usually we reach Wikipedia by google but ever opened homepage? No? Then open, Wikipedia.

The app of Wikipedia is handy and have better UE. 

2. Google Play Books

You can have an own library in your phone with this app. You can buy or download free books and read whenever you want. I know if you have reading habit you are surely aware from this app. Scroll down, 8 other apps remaining. 

3. eReader Prestigio

The best Google play books’s alternative I found. It just scans whole phone and finds the books and adds them into library where you can just tap on book’s name and start reading it. Also it has text-to-voice feature and by that, you can just listen whats written in the book and the best thing, you can set up voice speed.

4. Quora

Best place for answers hunting persons. The site quora is the place where people can ask a question and get an valuable answer. Due to upvote system, the best answers get up and low quality answers get collapsed. Using its app is just common these days. People who usually don’t like to read, use this app too. If you weren’t aware from this app then install it now. I bet, you won’t be disappointed. 

5. Google News Stand

Thanks to Google News Stand, now we don’t have to keep eyes on multiple news sources to read important news. On this app, you can add almost all the official news sources on this app. You can add the news sources & blogs in this app and the posts of those news sources & blogs will come out in this app’s feed. 

6. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is a place where you can read international news, DIY hacks, food related articles, quizzes & about viral things. Definitely, buzzfeed is a giant blog with its huge net worth and huge number of subscribers around the world. Be one of them and try out buzzfeed app. 

7. ScoopWhoop

Honestly, I consider ScoopWhoop as 99KDMedia’s competitor and undoubtedly ScoopWhoop is far away from 99KDMedia. But we are growing rapidly and posting valuable contents daily. As soon as we find 99KDMedia as a gaint blog with better number of subscribers, we will launch our app. Until that, use ScoopWhoop’s app for reading interesting articles. 

8. Curiosity

I liked this app personally, you just read the posts and gain huge informations about what you had no idea before. Without writing huge paragraphs, I recommend to try out this app. 

9. Reddit

Before quora, Reddit was highly used platform for discussions and questions & answers. Just like quora, it has upvote and down vote features but because the reddit’s outgoing links are ‘Dofollow’, the platform is slightly spammed and people usually prefer to quora over reddit for Q&A platform. Despite these things, Reddit’s popularity have went much down Reddit still getting new users. Be one of them and try out this app. 

10. Medium

Medium is a online publishing platform where many well known & unknown writter write stories and articles. It may be a platform for for writers but its a heaven who has reading habit. Using it’s app won’t let you bore. Try it out. 

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