Marvel Movies Going To Rock In 2018. These Movies Are Coming In 2018

Hollywood movies have a big fan followings around the world specially marvel movies, marvel movies always awaited by fans and gets better response in theatres. Marvel have amazed many times by awesome stories and VFX effects and marvel won’t stop amazing and entertaining fans. There 8 movies will release in next years. Here’s the list of those movie’s, chech it out. 

1. Black Panther

Release Date : 16 Feb, 2018
Trailer of this movie is out and release date is near. Fans are exited to watch this movie. 

2. New Mutants

Release Date : 13 April, 2018

X-Men movies are always been awaited and marvel trys its best to fulfil fans’ expectations. This will be first horror movie of superhero movie. 

3. Avenger – Infinity War

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Release Date : 25 April, 2018

This is the most awaited Marvel’s movie! The supervillain Thanos will mess with superhero and there are few rumours that one or more superhero will die in this movie. 

4. Deadpool 2

Release Date : 31 May, 2018

Deadpool is definitely one of the most liked superhero. Fans are waiting for Deadpool’s secoule from more than a year. Currently, just teasers is out. 

5. Ant-Man 2

Release Date : 6 Jul, 2018

The first part was amazing. Trailer will be out soon. Well, lets wait for trailer. 

6. Venom 

Release Date : 5 Oct, 2018

Venom was villain in spiderman and but things has changed, venom will be hero in this movie. 

7. X-Men – Dark Phoenix

Release Date : 2 Nov, 2018

Timing of that X-Men movies were weird but still movie always goes hits. This movie will show story of X-Men apocalypse’s time. 

8. Spiderman – Animated

Release Date : 14 Dec, 2018

Well, spiderman is also one of the most favourite superhero for fans. But spiderman’s stories changed three times. According to few rumours, the movie will show origin of spiderman

These 8 movies will definitely fulfil fans expectations and make our year awesome. 
What are your views on these movies ? Do comment your views on this.

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