Meet this tweeter legend, Pakalu Papito. Read out his funny tweets

You will thinking like “what kind of legendary person he is?” & “why the author calls him legend?”. Well, you will end up calling him tweeter legend too.

While checking his old account, you will came to know that he had 5.9 million followers! Almost 6 million follower which are more than many Bollywood celebrities. Sadly, his that account is has been suspended by tweeter for unknown reason. But there are two new accounts which claims to be that Pakalu Papito. Read out his tweets might make you laugh and surely make you smile. 

Funny Tweets By Pakalu Papito

1. Very tough to face this problem.

2. Yepp!

3. What a tip.

4. Agreed with him.

5. I wish too…

6. Sadly; I too… 

7. So much pain in a joke. 

8. This is what is wanted to clear out with my friends. 

9. Our too. 

10. When whole life is awkward.

11. Then what that 8 people will give you in return?

12. What a reason to live. 

13. This talent can be found everywhere in India. 

So these were his best funny recent tweets. Made a list on of 13 tweets because others weren’t too funny to be in list and these 13 couldn’t be ignored.
As old and main account is suspended, many tweets died with that account. Willing Pakalu Papito to come back with old and new funny tweets.

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