Mohammed Shami’s Wife posted screenshots and accused him of assault and extramarital affairs

Mohammed Shami who played a key role in the World Cup 2015 and played many international cricket matches is in trouble now.

 Yesterday muhammad’s wife Jahan came on the Facebook and posted some screenshots of text messages the screenshots also included photographs of the women and their phone numbers and vulgar chats. 

Later, Jahan came front of media and told that she read messages on the phone which was allegedly hidden in Shami’s car. 

Further, Jahan made some serious allegations and said that Shami and his family members where “torturing” and had even “attempted to kill her”. 

As soon as these news went viral and red, Shammi came on the Twitter and decline the allegations. 

He tweeted,

Jahan is reportedly planning to take legal action against the cricketer Mohammed Shami and his family members. 

So what are your thoughts on this news, comment below.

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