With $950 Billion, Mumbai Ranks 12th In World’s Richest Cities – NWWealth Report

The Jadui Nagri Mumbai also know as Financial Capital has ranked in top 15 wealthiest cities globally. 

According to Times Of India, the report of New World Wealth  has ranked India’s economic hun Mumbai on 12th rank. 

The total wealth refers to the private wealth held by individuals in each cities and it includes all their property, cash, equities and business interests. However, Government funds are excluded from the figures. 

The top 15 wealthiest cities list is given below in a Infographic. 

World’s Richest Cities Infographic
World’s Richest Cities Infographic

You can see in this Infographic that New York tops the list with $3 Tn private wealth and second spot is held be London with $2.7 Tn. China’s two cities, Beijing and Shanghai holds 5th and 6th rank with $2.2 Tn and $2 Tn.

With $959 Bn, Mumbai holds 12th rank followed by Toronto ($944 Bn) and Frankfurt ($912 Bn). 

This is not only rank held by Mumbai, the city also features among the top 10 cities in terms of billionaire population. The city is home to 28 billionaires.

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