Remembering Childhood – 15 90’s Shows Which We Used To Watch In Childhood 

Remembering childhood is one of the best feeling we can experience. The people who born in 90’s are no more teens as everyone have crossed 18 year age. Everyone have stories of their childhood and discussing childhood stories will be interesting and you can get back to your childhood mentally. 

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Sometimes, somethings have connections with memories so remembering about those things simply makes you remember memories. Well, as you can read this post’s title, we are covering 10 childhood shows which we used to see in our childhood. 

1. Saktimaan

Which fan can forget this show? It was India’s first superhero show and its popularity was higher too. We used to see Saktimaan with his power and beating villains. 

Recently, Mukesh Khanna announced that he was planning up to relaunch saktimaan with new story. Well, this is 2 year old news and Mukesh Khanna have said about this till now. 

2. Office Office

Seriously,  this one was an epic show which use to see in childhood. Definitely, the show gave us knowledge of Indian Government offices and how it works. The pain of Musaddi Lan was funny but many people use to feel relevant with Musaddi Lal. 

However, this show was an popular show because of its funny creative jokes. 

3. Alif Laila 

The theme song of Alif Laila was so catchy that you might be remembering theme song instead of remember characters. 

The show Alif Laila was based on the stories of “One Thousand and One Nights“. The episodes of Alif Laila were so entertaining that people used to see each episodes.

4. Raja Aur Rancho 

Main chacharacter Raja in the show  Raja Aur Rancho was a detective and Rancho was a monkey who was helping him indirectly in the show. 

5. Boogie Woogie

The show Boogie-Woogie was a dance realty show. Boogie-Woogie grown craze about dance in common people which is still alive. The show started in 1996 and judges Javed Jeffrey and Ravi Bhel. Its hard to decline that this show started the trend. 

6. Hip Hip Hurry

One of the best serial on TV in that era. The show was about youngsters who have to overcome their personal problems and be good friend. It was great time when we use to see this show. 

7. Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai 

With its classic humour, the show entertained and made us laugh alot. It was probably funniest show in that era. 

8. MahaBharat

We had many religious serials like “Jai Hanuman”, “Om Namah Shivay”,”Ramayan”  and few more but when it comes to picking the best, we definitely pick MahaBharat. 

9. Vikram Aur Betaal 

90’s was really awesome at Television point as we had lot of entertaining shows which made us not to look west. The show Vikram Aur Betaal was one of the best show at this time. 

10. Dekh Bhai Dekh

The show Dekh Bhai Dekh had one 1 season with 65 episodes but still the show can entertain if we watch old episodes. 

Remembering the shows and watch old episodes might bring you in your childhood. 

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