What Is 2G Spectrum Scam? Was This A Scam Even? 

The scam was called as India’s biggest scam and this scam almost destroyed Congress’s image. It made comman-men angry and it the results, the government changed. But two days ago, all the accused were released! The basic question came in everyone’s mind that The Scam was never done? Or Nobody done the Scam? And there are few peoples who don’t know much about this scam or have just surface knowledge. 
Well, I will try to explain what is 2g spectrum case in this article. 
It was 2008 when telecom sector was booming, so government allowed news telecom companies to enter thr field. So more subscribers and more competition. N

But there should be auctions but instead, there was first-come-first-serve policy being followed. So, allocation of license were not done in fair and transparent manner. 

The price were fixed too low at 2002 levels. The prices would definitely be higher for a similer resources in a growing market.

Then in 2010, CAG submitted its damning report in which, a series of PILs where accused and a hypothetical number came up. 176 and ten zeros. 1760000000000. 

This report bought Tsunami in Indian politics. Because this number was toooo big, it got toooo hype in media and called Biggest scam in India. 

But it really was a scam

Well, we comman people can just have thoughts on this we can’t be judges and we shouldn’t be too. We shouldn’t just consider everything true what our favourite leaders says. When it comes to media, media cannot claim anything untill anything proved. 
What are you views on this? Do comment. 

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