Why BJP Won’t Lose Gujrate Elections?

Gujrate elections are looking like a big battle between two parties. Ruling and opposition. Confidents of Congress workers are too higher and it really made some mess for BJP to win elections.

Nowadays, Gujrate elections became a battle of two big images. One side is Rahul Ghandhi and Narendra Modi on other side. While BJP is trying to make positive atmosphere of development, Rahul Ghandhi is throwing negativeness of development by saying Vikas Pagal Ho Gaya Hai and it really worked and it broke confidence of BJP workers in some ways.

But the confidence of Congress is higher than the reality. Winning elections and making news of Congress’s win is completely different things.

But the flow is going against BJP (atleast in Media) made people to think about BJP loss in this election and we thought to clear it out by the reality facts.
Congress workers were repeatedly targeting development (Vikas), So lets start with that.

1. Development 

When it comes to Electricity, Gujrate have almost 100% electricity villages, towns and cities. Gujarat have 99.8% electricity. This is achieved by very few states of india.

Further talking, Gujrate’s road and highway connection is much bigger comparing to other states but there is no recently rated index so we couldn’t show the numers.

After those structural sectors, importants sectors like Helth and Law & Order Stability is well managed under BPJ government.

Because there is no rating indexs of development by governments, we can’t say any numerical factors. To write further about development, we need to go out and to research and rate whole gujarat in every sector with before and after. But this is none of our work.

2. CM Vijay Rupani Factor

Vijay Rupani is considered as humble Cheaf Minister.

  • In his short time of work, he successfully completed 1st phase of Sauni Yojna. The scheme will resolve water problems for several towns of western Gujarat for the next several years, even if there is drought
  • Initiated very fast launcing for several infrastructure projects like Rajkot-Ahmedabad 6 lane highway, Bhavnagar-Ahmedabad 4 lane highway, Plush GSRTC Bus stations for Ahmedabad & Rajkot
  • Declared 18 new GIDC in Gujarat
  • Under Vijabhai’s tenure Gujarat has become first state of India to make public distribution system 100% cashless, first state to have more than 1800 km gas grid, state which has done highest distribution of LED bulbs, tube lights & fan
  • Vijaybhai influenced the launching of 108 Mobile app which will directly give patient’s location to ambulance, map the locations and give time projections, map all hospitals of Gujarat and indicate nearest hospitals. The app will also notify the hospital before patient’s arrival.
  • Initiated International Airport near Rajkot which will immensely benefit entire Saurashtra
  • No charges of corruption against him or any of his ministers

He definitely not having a weak image and it will be a positive factor in the elections.

3. Strong Image Of Modi

In this three years, image of Narendra Modi isn’t gone down and the positive hopes and willings of people is still alive.

Recently, a international survey of trustworthiness of government and india ranked on first spot with scoring 73% which means 73% people trusts this government and it was the highest percentage.

4. Patidar Factor

Well, this factor could be turning point if opposition manged it well but BJP is bit clever to keep happy everyone.

Patidar factor is too much high in digital media and everyday a news coming out. So its not possible to predict anything.

5. Weak Opposition

TINA ( there is no alternative) will biggest reason which will help to win elections. Rahul Ghandhi surly makes much news and gets time space digital media. Reason of his popularity is in his name.

With having a world record of losing 27 elections, Rahul Ghandhi don’t have anything to lose but have lot of things to win and if he scores better in this elections, he will bit more popular leader but if he scores well then !

Also, polls by India Today Group was also in BJP favor.

But there is GST factor too in Gujrate but won’t be a key factor. May peoples of surat and few business city’s people aren’t happy with taxation reforms but considering a fact that everyone isn’t business man and common people aren’t bothered with it. While BJP could lost few existing seats, there is chances this the party can win few new seats.

You may be disagree with our point of view but as our constitution allows every one to speak and express thoughts. You also can express your thoughts in comment box.

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