World’s 10 Most Cheapest/Lowest Valued Currencies

There are very few currencies which perform good in exchange with US dollars but most of currencies are lower valued front of US dollar. The currency value front of US is very important for any country because any trade between any two countries will need dollars to exchange money. Without writing alot about currency value, I would like to say in simple sentence. Currency exchange value has extreme effect on contry.

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There are few country which faced problem due to low currency exchange rate and Zimbabwe was the country which had to reject own currency and accepted   . so today we made up a list of currencies which are the lowest currencies in the world in exchange rate. Lets take a look at that.

1. Iranian Rial

Curruntly, Iranian Rial is the most cheap currency in exchange rate against US dollar. The resone of Iranian Rial’s this much cheapness is America’s sections againts Iran.

2. Sao Tome and Principe dobra

This is country of two very infamous islands which contains area of 1,001 km.It in 1975 gained freedom from the Portugal and its currency was introduced in the year of independence.

3. Vietnamese Dong

Vietnam is the country which is considered as “poor country” and Hagoi is its capital city. The first Vietnamese Dong was issued in 1976 but this currency was lower valued from day to its inception.

4. Belorussian ruble

It was the year 1992 when Belorussian ruble was first time introduced but this currency haven’t did any thing impresive. The bank note of Belarus ranges from 500 up to 5,000,000.

5. Indonesian Rupiah

Indonesian Rupiah is world’s 5th most lowest valued currency. 12,202 idr equals to 1 US dollar. Recently, government canceled 1000 idr notes and introduced 2000 idr notes.

6. Lao Kip

This country issued its bank notes in 1945 but at that time, the country was occupied by the French army and then the after the French army left. Later, country reinforced the same currency in 1952. The highest banknotes of the country is 100,000.

7 . Guinean Franc

It was 1959 when this country introduced its currency shape of coins. Later in 1985, banknotes were devloped. The highest bank note is 5000 note.

8. Paraguayan Guarani

Guarani was introduced in 1944 by replacing peso. This country introduced notes first later coints. 4,645 PYG equal to one dollar.

9. Costa Rica Colon

Well, this is not a poor or very unstable country but the exchange rate is not so good and ranking in top 10 cheapest currency. 1 dollar equals to 570 colons

10. Zimbabwe dollar

This country Zimbabwe has faced alot of currency problems in past settled an example of “Why not to print notes and get rich”. Zimbabwe faced a tough time they were printing trillion dollar notes and getting very few dollars in exchange. Later Zimbabwe rejected own currency and accepted South African currency. Zimbabwe improved its setiution after that.

So these were the lowest valued or cheapest currencies in the world. But in the end, I would like to say a fact that Indian rupees was mightier than US dollor before the British government came to india.

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